A 6’56 ft tall man that switched the basketball courts for a computer and the moves for codes.

Born in 1989, in Brazil, São Paulo, Raphael earned a university degree in Systems Engineering by Faculdade Impacta de Tecnologia. He is a lover of logic and Object Oriented Programming.

In 2004, he started to develop Delphi and VB applications, then he met PHP, MySql, JS, Java, Netflix, SuperHero Movies, jSon and it all changed his life. He started to program websites and small online apps, gave in to coffee, got a certificate in MySql and nowadays he works for love, developing algorithms between cups of coffee.

Addicted to programming, always searching for the best result in each algorithm, with a standard, logical and organised way of work, keeping up with new programming technologies and web development.

Priority: To understand the client's’ main necessities and to execute each project as if the only one.



Ex: Tattoo artist, basketball player, designer, support analyst, reply letter typist, network installer and even gardner.
He earned a university degree in Software Engineering by Faculdade Impacta de Tecnologia in 2014 and has more than 40 certificates of online and in-class courses.
The timeline below shows in details his experience in the technology and programming areas.

  • Linktel

    Network technician

  • Printmarketing

    Delphi Programmer

  • Deficon

    System analyst

  • Cartoon Software

    Technical support analyst

  • Triplo Soluções

    System and digital marketing analyst

  • Novacia

    Analyst programmer

Making no bones about Rapha

You are crazy! I ask you if you’ll deliver on time, you say yes, and then you need to work until late to send me the project. You have to think things through, dude.

Julio Oliveira - Novacia


I don’t know what I see in you, I know you’re obstinate and this is good.

João Bosco Ardison - Portal de Documentos


I like you, you have a good heart and it’s got great value, that’s why you will go far.

Paulo Moraes - Giro Fashion Pelo Mundo


How’s the weather up there?

Pessoas - Nas ruas

A choice

You are good, but you need to find your way as a tattoo artist or as a programmer.


Information architecture (I.A.) is the art to express a model or a information concept used in activities that require explicit details of complex systems.

The correct organisation of the information, analysis of essential database and standardization are indispensable to create a perfect website or system, suitable to every company.

The web design is a study field known for the development of interfaces with the user on the site and online applications.

When we are looking for any kind of infomation, a curiosity, a service, or where can we find the best shrimp in town, what do we do? We look on the internet, the famous “Google it”.

Custom designer is the art to create an identity for a company, an idea, a personality or a business.

Make your company a unique and recognazible company, have a representative trademark that can tell the company’s story.
Have a visual identity for your business cards, notes, announcements. Let’s get some coffee? I need to work according to your taste so your company is well represented by your image.

The web development refers to a construction process and tests of the specific software for the web, willing to achieve a set of programs that satisfy the intended functions.

With a web system, you can organise and manage your information in a fast, safe and smart way. A system can be accessed by any computer, smartphone or tablet, no need to installation. Your database are secured by a cloud server so you can have practical access.


There’s a gallery below that shows what has been created, delivered and published, some services and studies developed over the past few years.

Be More...


Have access to your own website so you yourself can change the information, don’t need to pay for any fee or hire an expert.


Have a well-placed website on the search page, have your website information or portal organised in order to keep your website on the top of the page, it puts your brand always on the sight.


A modern website has to be suitable for smartphones, as well as in tablets, TV sets, notebooks, and why not movie screens? Have your website available for everyone, everywhere.


“That’s how I see business: great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

Jorge Boy

UX/UL Designer, curious and organised boy, graduated by FATEC São Roque, addicted to Star Wars, books about moveis and some weird cartoons.

Jorge "Bill" Mendes
UI/UX Design

Ah para !

Graduated writer by Universidade Nove de Julho, careful and focused, lover of some “different” music and David Boyle fan (R.I.P.)

Naiane Teodoro

“Bigger than you think”

Lover of arts and music, attending administration course at Universidade Nove de Julho, discovered recently the talent and love for photography.

Gabriela Oliveira

The Legend

Graduated publicist by Anhembi Morumbi with a MBA degree in e-commerce, lover of the japanese culture and of a good Brazilian “pinga”.

Jottah Revoredo
Social Média
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